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Abdallah Al Kafrawy
Abdallah Al Kafrawy Design


We start Our brand began in 2010 under the name of inex and which included a total of sections within Interior Design and Architectural Design and Media Production private media business, as well as sections Web design and programming And furniture design, lighting units, and home accessory services Of the implementation of projects

Now, in 2015 i decided to Change my brand of old to the new brand it is my real name and develop the content to produce furniture and home accessory and lighting units and sculpture and other art forms that fall under the interior design

Preservation of identity and architectural character of the Arab and Egyptian in the designs it is very important to me This is part of my designs, both in interior design and other due to the large demand for Arab beautiful designs and also the revival of Arab heritage in the designs. And produced it modern and attractive character

Let the past ideas thou come to present its image to create a new spirit of the place to bestow elegance and beauty to your life.
Abdallah AlKafrawy



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